Now 100 percent HTML Code!

How to make a Website-Written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

How to make your own website is simple. First access a typing program and use a title code. The title code is title in between greater/less signs. Then type your title. Then use it to stop your title with / in between Greater sign 1 and t to stop your title. Then use p in between greater signs for the paragraph code. Use paragraph stop code: same with title stop code except with the p.

You will have to transfer your files to a web hosting company to make an actual HTML website. You will first have to go on the Internet and search for a web hosting company. You should use iPage (not Apple) because they always have discounts for security and other things. You also get a free domain.

Once you have found a web host, you need to transfer your files into your website's builder. Then you must save your progress and go to your website. Websites done easy. HTML written by 8 yr old Bob Roberts.

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